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We want your special day to be everything you envisioned! So sit back, relax and let us bring the entertainment to you!


Whether it's a Sangeet, a Sweet 16 or a Corporate Diwali Celebration, we got you!

Our talented team will help you pick the appropriate music and theme. We will make a custom mix for you and set choreography that makes you shine in your element. 


Our team specializes in curating dance lessons and performances for corporate events. These choreographies are festive and showcase elements of South Asian folk dance set to upbeat Bollywood music. 


The dance lessons are a great way to get the employees energized and mingling with each other. They have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Indian culture and through dance learn about our rich traditions. 

Companies we have worked me


We choreograph first dances, sangeet performances and direct music videos for you and your significant other. These sessions begin with a consultation that provides us with further insight into your relationship. 


This is a celebration of you and your love, and we want the choreography to reflect your unique vibes. If you have never danced before, don’t worry! Our team will review your dance skills before the sessions begin and set choreography that looks good on your body and matches your skill set. 


We want you to feel comfortable and stress-free so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest! 


Our choreographies are a unique blend of South-Asian and Western fusion dance. They are designed to entertain both the Indian and American audiences.


Our performers have taken the stage at Times Square Diwali, filmed a music video for Pepsi Pakistan and performed at numerous private and corporate events. 

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