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Enhance Your Dance With Personalized Techniques


Privates are an excellent opportunity to build your skill set from the bottom up. The sessions begin with a free consultation to identify your goals. We create a syllabus tailored to your strengths while slowly introducing you to new tools that improve your problem areas.


These sessions are conducted at a pace comfortable to you. They are designed to enhance your perspective towards dance training and provide holistic development of the body and mind. 


As your goals evolve in the sessions so do our teaching techniques. These sessions will equip you with a universally applicable skill set and empower you to take on any challenge gracefully. 

Private sessions begin with a free consultation where we discuss your objectives. They can range anywhere from working on flexibility, technique, choreography, expressions, filming a video, and confidence training. Based on the consultation, we will create a customized program for your training with concrete goals, expert instruction and endless motivation.

One on One Dance Class

Through training with Swara, I have made so much progress that I never even dreamed of making! I started out with the goal of improving my flexibility and learning tricks. In just around 5 months, I am comfortably tumbling, cartwheeling, doing front walkovers and more! Working on these goals with Swara also helped me better understand how my body works. I am so much more confident in trying new things. Swara will always push you to do what she knows you are capable of, and will hold your hand until you yourself realize what you are capable of. Over the summer, I expanded my privates to include choreography work. Swara guided me through the process of conceptualizing pieces that I had been thinking about for a long time. I am so proud of how both turned out and can’t thank her enough!


Student, Bachelors in Psychology at Barnard College

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