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Bollyheals was founded in May 2017 by the husband-wife duo, Swara & Nico, in New York City. The initial concept was a ‘Bollywood on Heels’ dance class that encouraged South Asian women to embrace their sensuality and promote self-expression. These workshops took place in multiple cities across the US, India, Canada and Australia.


By the end of each class, our students felt more confident and deeply connected with their bodies and with others in the room. Our regular students expressed how transformative our classes have been to their personal journey. The format of the workshops empowered them to embrace their unique selves with results extending beyond their time in the studio. 

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“Watching our students grow from being shy to bold and expressive made us realize that there were more ways to utilize Swara’s training as a movement therapist.”   - Nico

Following this feedback, Swara developed a program that expanded to more styles of dance that elicit emotions other than sensuality; such as Indo-Contemporary providing a sense of limitlessness or Street Jazz creating a feeling of power.


She combined the specific dance techniques with corresponding movement therapy interventions turning every class into an opportunity to unearth a new layer of catharsis.


Our students started to develop an advanced outlook towards dance which evolved their relationship with themselves and the community at large.

“My goal as the instructor is to assist students in recognizing their full potential physically and also psychologically. I want to inspire each of our students to move and feel in ways they never thought possible.”  - Swara
Join Our Community And Let It Guide You Towards A More Empowered, Confident, And Exciting Version Of Yourself.
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