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Femme empowerment experience by women for women leaves you feeling fierce and fabulous. If you identify as a female, looking for building confidence & connection - this class is for you!


Vibe: All our divas are added to an Instagram group where they meet others, discuss themes and outfits creating a sense of support right from the start. We begin with a body positivity & connection warm-up that helps students feel sexy, in touch with their bodies and other divas in the room. Students proceed to learn a thematic choreography that exudes confidence & assertiveness. Our instructor provides targeted feedback for camera interaction and freestyle techniques, empowering the divas to take charge of their stories. The class ends with a group activity where our divas share their experiences and gratitude towards each other.


Location: NYC
Day: 3rd Thursday of each month

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Style: BollyHEELS, Belly Fusion (check calendar)

Goddess Hour
Immersive Movement

Beginner-friendly sessions with feel-good choreographies that energize you. If you are new to dance, looking for new friends or a fun way to release stress - this class is for you!


Vibe: We begin with a follow-along dance warm-up to your favourite Bollywood tracks, which will get your heart racing and body pumped! Followed by learning a 45-second choreography and performing in groups for your fellow classmates. The style and instructors change every class to keep things fresh for you! Check our cal for updated info. 

Location: NY & JC 

Day: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 

Time: Hour-long classes in the evening

Style: Bollywood (& more)


Dance experience for the body & soul facilitating emotional release & growth. If you are looking for a deeper meaning to movement beyond just dance steps - this class is for you! 


Vibe: The session begins with a reflective question which is then explored in the warm-up through creative play. We engage in breathing exercises that deepen our intention. This is followed by a thematic choreography that encourages participants to express their untold stories without any inhibitions. Our instructor consistently maintains an environment of support and containment that makes our participants feel safe. They experience an emotional transformation through this session that culminates with a release of trapped feelings. We end this experience by sharing our journey, connecting with the group and a cool down that allows for a smooth transition. 


Location: NYC 

Day: First Thursday of each month

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Styles: Contemporary

Social Club
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Dance experience that encourages moving with partners or group interactions. If you are looking for a culturally immersive & rich experience that connects you with a bigger community - this class is for you! 

Vibe: These are our most vibrant classes, big groups & celebration vibes! They begin with a community-focused warm-up that encourages group interaction. We follow this with a fun choreography with formations or along with a partner. These classes are designed to offer a culturally rich experience, sometimes with props and outfit recommendations. Every class is one dance giant party that our students thoroughly enjoy and leave having learned a unique dance and a ton of friends to hang with!


Location: NYC or JC

Day: Last Sunday/During the Holidays

Time: 2 hours 

Styles: Latin fusion (Bachata/Salsa) or Indian Folk

Step yo game up

Advanced training focused on dance technique and camera interaction. If you are looking for a challenge, learn dance techniques and expert instruction for professional videos - this class is for you!


Vibe: Classes begin by identifying the skills of our students. An exclusive syllabus is designed with dance techniques that elevate their current skill set & expand movement repertoire. Students receive targeted feedback. We level up even further with our 4-week intensives with weekly feedback on individual student videos. Our session ends with a professionally shot & edited video marking their progress. Throughout the intensive, students are given dance buddies that help with accountability, camaraderie & motivation.


Location: NYC

Day: Mondays & 2nd Thursdays

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Format: 4-week intensives & pop-ups

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Shake it off
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